I believe in the power of human connection. And that caring about your customers will win you more business.

Hello! I’m Connie. I’m an independent customer experience (CX) researcher, analyst, and writer who is passionate about the human side of business. In my 15+ year CX career, I’ve worked for organizations of every scale–from start-ups to multi-billion dollar global enterprises.

I started the CX Conversation to share insights and observations on the latest in customer experience. Also, I want to help brands understand why it’s essential to build true, human-to-human connections with customers.

Recent times have brought unprecedented change in to all of our lives. That’s true for businesses and the people who patronize them. Now more than ever, consideration, empathy, and a human touch matter to customers. Brands that acknowledge this truth will gain goodwill now–and more customer loyalty for the long term.

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